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80AD - Romans build a fort on the current site of Lancaster

630 - Church built on the site of St Mary's

1170 - Normans build the first part of the castle

1612 - Pendle witches trial

1745 - Bonnie Prince Charlie briefly occupies town

1788 - Skerton bridge built

1909 - New town hall built (Later to become Beerfest location)

1937 - Lancaster becomes a city

1964 - Lancaster University Founded

- Notable History

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Lancaster is a probably best described as a historic market town and much of its charm and character is reflected in these attributes. Nowadays it is also seen as a place to enjoy a sophisticated night out, with its many city centre real ale pubs and restaurants, enjoyed as much by the residents of the city as the bustling student population that go to the main University or many colleges.

Lancaster as a town of learning then? Well, that much is very true, especially when you consider Lancaster's tourist attractions, of which there are many gems hidden around the city.

The most obvious attraction, which many people see on the way into Lancaster, is Ashton Memorial, named after one of the city's most generous benefactors of the 18th century, Lord Ashton. This stunning example of architecture stands proud over the city, within the bounds of Williamson park, and is one of the many places in and around the city where pleasant walking can be enjoyed.

Lancaster of course has a castle too, which also doubles up as a jail. A little know fact is that the 'gaol' was first established in 1196 making it the oldest in the world. Add into the mix a priory next door and you have somewhere that is well worth visiting.

Other notable Lancaster attractions include the Maritime museum, Judges Lodgings, as well as the Grand theatre and Dukes playhouse. Oh, and of course the Beerfest every March.

How to get to Lancaster

Obviously we want as many people as possible to enjoy this beautiful city and enjoy its many attractions, as well as visiting us here at the Beerfest.

To find out how to get to Lancaster, simply follow the link below.

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